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The Lobster Pair (4D)

Brother Lobster and Sister Lobster were living carefree at the bottom of Hongze Lake. However, their peaceful life was upended by an unexpected accident. There was a monster known as Queen Jellyfish. She had been sealed by a pearl for 500 years at the bottom of the lake. As time went by, the pearl’s magic kept weakening and failed to maintain the seal. Finally the Queen Jellyfish escaped by luck. 

The Brother Lobster and Sister Lobster picked up the pearl by chance, totally unaware that danger was approaching. To recapture the pearl, the Queen Jellyfish took away the Sister Lobster and wreaked havoc across the Huai River. Aided by Monkey King, the Brother Lobster saved his sister with the magic of the pearl and restored the life and prosperity across the Huai River.  



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