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Modern Tribal : Go and Fight, Dinosaur! (4D)

Gelu’s hunting team accidently captured a Bahou and one of its eggs. The chief and villagers decided to hold a grand celebration. When all the adults were immersed in the joy of celebration, Xiaoheng took the egg and had a pipe dream on the hay. It was quite a surprise that the egg was actually an egg-shaped robot falling on the modern planet by accident, and Xiaoheng activated the robot accidentally while on the hay, and he made friends with the robot and gave him a name: Arun.

At the same time, a pterosauria shocked by the fireworks landed on the dinner table. It knocked over a fire pan and burnt out the rope that tied Bahou, which was pretending to be unconscious, now tried to take the chance to get rid of the rope, and ran wild during the party. People ran off to save their own skin and Bahou closely chased after Gelu who had captured it. Lily dragged Gelu’s hand trying to flee away in the village, and they came to the side of Xiaoheng and Arun.

Arun rushed out and fought against Bahou when Lily and Gelu were in imminent danger. After fierce fighting, Arun beat Bahou and saved the village.



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