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Duration: July - October , 2017

Venue: West Travelling Exhibition Hall, 2nd Floor

Created by: Ontario Science Center (Canada)

Cost: Free of Charge (Included in the admission fee)


What is Imaginate about?

This exhibition is about innovation and the skills and attitudes that can be developed to make one more innovative and more creative.

Innovation has been essential to our survival – driving the evolution of our civilization and the change in our daily quality of life. Whether you are doing science, art, or engineering – innovative thinking can take us on paths we haven’t yet explored.

This 10,000 square foot multi-activity exhibition introduces participants to the skills and attitudes that are part of the process of innovation, by creating experiences where experimentation is a vital component of each activity; where it is safe to test ideas and build on them further; where materials are seen as both a product of innovation as well as an important component; where collaboration is encouraged and where outcomes are many.

Do we all have it in us to be innovative?

Do you think you are an innovator?



Imaginate is divided up into 5 main themes, each theme representing a possible route along the pathway to innovation.


Innovation is often a response to intense motivation – a big dream or extreme passion that one must pursue. This exhibition and its choice of exhibits highlight examples of inspiration, how ideas grow and how intense motivation can be a driving force for innovation.


Science is a process of questioning. Unexpected answers are not always recognized for their value. Keen observation and fresh eyes can often allow people to see beyond the obvious. The choice of exhibits gives participants a chance to examine the properties of various materials and see how those properties lead to innovative products and technologies. They are also encouraged to take risks and to experiment, where there is no such thing as a wrong answer.


Colleagues or competitors can spur us to achieve more than we could on our own. Per interaction and pressure can influence us to go in directions that we might otherwise ignore. This can have an impact on our ability to be innovative. This experience cluster invites participants to interact with others, communicate their ideas and then grow them with the contributions of fellow participants.


Innovation is neither quick nor easy. Nothing bests experience and perseverance when it comes to creating something. To be innovative, you need opportunities to create, test, re-test and even start over. In this series of experiences, patience and observation allows participants to investigate materials and their properties.


Whether we dwell in the frigid Arctic or the dense rain forest, we rely on innovative processes and the making of innovative products to survive in our various environments. Our common drive for food, shelter and water throughout the world demonstrate the diversity in innovation.


Address: Xiliu Lu, Guangzhou Higher Education Mega Center, Panyu district, Guangzhou, P. R. China 510006