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Eyes on the World: Scientific Observation Instruments

Exhibits: 25 Sets

Size: 6500-9000 ft2 (600--800 m2)

Special Awards: ASPAC Creative Science Exhibit Award 2014

80% of the environmental information received by human is obtained through ocular system. Since human’s ocular capacity is finite, by using creativity, various observation instruments have been invented, thus extending human’s senses and extremely expanding human’s horizon of view. We are endowed with powerful tools to explore the earth. Eyes on the World: Scientific Observation Instruments exhibition starts from the understanding of biological ocular secretes, and moves on to know how observation instruments facilitate us to overcome the ocular limitations, and enable us to see the farther, the smaller, the faster and slower phenomena, as well as to see in the darkness, the inside, literally to see the invisible.

The exhibition takes up an area of 600--800 square meters, including 25 exhibits, which won the ASPAC Creative Science Exhibit Award 2014. In recent years, the exhibition has been traveled to more than ten science centers and science museums in China, receiving more than 2 million visitors. As the sole outstanding exhibition on behalf of mainland China, Eyes on the World showed during the Macao’s Science and Technology Week in 2015 became the one of the national science exhibition samplers.


Video Introduction: 

Digital Video of “Eyes on the World” Exhibition.wmv


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