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Children's Wonderland

The popular science education should start with children. Climbing the ladder, moving bricks and building a wall, be a little architect; operating hydraulic monitor, producing foam and opening the valve, be a brave fireman; linking circuits, assembling gears and making experiment, be a curious scientist… There is so much fun here in the renovated and upgraded Children’s Wonderland. With 99 fun interactive exhibits in four exhibition areas, the hall allows the children to the learn about basic science in daily life through interactive games, role play, scene experiences and scientific inquiry.  



Human Body Playground 

While having fun in the fun dazzle, children will have an amazing “body tour” to learn about the shapes and functions of human organs like brain, eyes, heart, lung, digestive tract and so on.   

Construction Site 

Children will have opportunity to participate in 15 different interactive activities, such as driving a truck, handling materials, building brick wall and connecting pipes etc,  within the setting of a construction site. Like little architects, they will learn about the house structure and function, as well as the science and knowledge behind.    

Water Table 

This large water table offers 17 groups of water-related interactive activities and allows the children to learn about water through the play with water. The knowledge involves fluid property, hydrotechnics, force and machinery.   

Traffic School 

Within the setting of a road with cars, traffic signs, traffic lights and traffic posts, children will have fun with driving. They will also learn more about the urban traffic controls system, traffic safety and observance of the traffic rules.  

My Supermarket 

The shopping simulation allows children to use and learn about the currency. They will also understand the importance of balanced diet by picking up foods for a dinner.  


Address: Xiliu Lu, Guangzhou Higher Education Mega Center, Panyu district, Guangzhou, P. R. China 510006