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Green Homeland

The theme exhibition hall Green Homeland focuses on the harmony between human, nature and science. It aims to disseminate of the knowledge of environmental protection, develop the public awareness and habits in this regard, and call on people to participate in the green campaign, disseminate green concept and build green homes for the people. The hall presents 45 exhibits in 3 exhibition areas, namely Green Cradle, Green Crisis and Green Action.  



The exhibit simulates the formation of the tornado. The artificial lateral swirling airflow and the high-power smoke generator vividly show the formation process of a tornado.  

Carbon Cycle 

Both the nature and human activities impact the carbon cycle. The exhibit explores the natural carbon cycle and its relation with the human activities. Visitors will realize the importance of maintaining a balance between the carbon source and carbon sink for a harmonious environment of carbon cycle.  

Carbon Emissions of a Sofa 

A sofa is cut open to demonstrate the average energy consumption of its parts (including metal, wood and fiber). Visitors can slide the handle to the left and right to see the components of the sofa and their energy consumption.  


Tides are mostly caused by the movement of the Moon around the Earth, and the most visible tide is the ebb and flow of the ocean on the beach. Visitors can rotate the photo of the Earth, and move the Moon around the Earth's orbit to observe the changes of tides. 



Address: Xiliu Lu, Guangzhou Higher Education Mega Center, Panyu district, Guangzhou, P. R. China 510006