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Space Dreams

The theme exhibition hall Space Dreams shows the human beings' exploration into and dream about flying, with a focus on the remarkable achievements of aerospace industry in China. While inspire visitors’ aspiration for space flight, it offers the opportunity for the visitors to learn about the science, technology and knowledge of aerospace through the fun of interactive and participatory exhibits. The hall presents 48 exhibits in 3 exhibition areas, namely Challenging the Sky, Space Flight and Exploring the Universe. 



Hot Air Balloon 

Hot air balloon is the earliest aircraft in history, over 100 years earlier than airplane. Its predecessor is Kongming Lantern invented more than a thousand years ago in ancient China. By heating the air, releasing the balloon and observing the process of rising, visitors can understand the science behind. 

Hang Glider 

The glider is an unpowered fixed-wing aircraft that is heavier than air. By operating a simulation hang glider, visitors can experience the flight under different conditions.  

3D Roller 

The device simulates the state of the spacecraft at 2-DOF or 3-DOF rotation. Through the experience, visitors will learn about the astronauts' abilities to adapt and balance themselves, and to operate when rotating in case the spacecraft malfunctions in space.   

Jumping on the Moon 

Visitors glide up and down the "moon surface" at a horizontal angle of 8° to observe the process and height of "jumping on the Moon". 



Address: Xiliu Lu, Guangzhou Higher Education Mega Center, Panyu district, Guangzhou, P. R. China 510006