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Human and Health

The theme exhibition hall Human & Health shows the structures and functions of the organs and systems of the human body, and explores the connection between one’s life style and health. Visitors will learn about the concept of health and the connection between one’s life style and health, then understand the role of science in assuring and improving the health. The hall presents 31 interactive exhibits in 3 exhibition areas, namely Inside the Human Body, My Healthy Life, and Science and Health. 



A Tour of Human Body 

Image-based keying is used to integrate the human images with the scenes on the screen in real time. Visitors may ride unicycles and explore the systems of human body, then understand the structures and functions of the systems, and the coordination between them.  

Gait Recording 

 The gaits of visitors are filmed real time to compare with the standard gait on the screen, so that they will know whether there is any difference.  

Muscle Collaboration 

Visitors drive the wheel or dumbbell in the front of the display counter to control the piston motion of human body model in the showcase and observe how the muscles work and collaborate.  

Draw Your Body Profile 

Visitors press their bodies onto the pin screen by side or back to see how their body profiles look like in a "drawing". 



Address: Xiliu Lu, Guangzhou Higher Education Mega Center, Panyu district, Guangzhou, P. R. China 510006