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Perception and Thinking

The theme exhibition hall Perception & Thinking focuses on psychology, brain science and cognitive science. It intends to reveal the rules of perception, consciousness and conceptual work in the process of cognizing food, and addresses issues like scientific use of brain and exploitation of brain potential. The hall includes 3 exhibition areas, namely Perception Garden, Illusion Kingdom and Thinking Space. After the renovation of Thinking Space, new interactive exhibits related to brain and cognitive science are added, including Illusion of Sound, Sensory Memories, Stacking Game and Color Words. 



Mirror Maze 

Mirror Maze is a maze composed of mirrors. The mirrors’ light reflex creates a scene with confusing visions. Visitors will experience the interesting visual illusion when they try to find their ways out.   


A series of static models are provided on the rotating table to show the poses of a continuous motion. When the table rotates and the strobe light flashes, visitors will see a flow of magic animations which explains the persistence of vision.   

Color Words 

Words in varied colors will appear on the screen, while their actual colors are different from the colors they describe. Visitors will find it becomes difficult to distinguish the colors of the words, and they may even make mistakes. The game make left brain and right brain “interfere” with each other, as the left brain functions to distinguish words while the right brain colors. 

Language Acquisition 

Choose different languages, imitate their pronunciation and record your pronunciation to find out your ability to acquire language. You may notice that, without the corresponding connection established in brain in early time, it is a bit difficult for people to imitate a certain pronunciation exactly.   

Color Words 

Let’s take up a small challenge: remember a series of numbers (11 in total) in one minute. Can you achieve it? Do you have techniques for short-term memory? 


Address: Xiliu Lu, Guangzhou Higher Education Mega Center, Panyu district, Guangzhou, P. R. China 510006