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History of Science & Technology in Lingnan

The theme exhibition hall History of Science and Technology in Lingnan shows the S&T development of Guangdong with distinctive regional cultural characteristics. The exhibition spans over a 6,000-year timeframe and focuses on the area that is “south of the Five Ridges and by the coast of the sea”. Visitors will learn about the diligence and wisdom of the ancestors in the Lingnan region and the impact of technology on civilization. The hall includes 5 exhibition areas, namely the Lobby, Ancient Cantonese Area, Modern Lingnan Region, Contemporary Guangdong and Theatre.  


Guangji Bridge 

Guangji Bridge is one of China's four most famous bridges. Move the arrowheads on the interactive exhibit and the Bridge’s “Eighteen Shuttle Boats and Twenty-four Islets” will emerge one after another as per the year of construction, vividly explaining the construction history of the Bridge. 

Voyage of Ship Keying 

The ship Keying, built in Guangdong, was the first traditional Chinese three-mast junk which sailed from China to Europe and the United States. The exhibition presents a 1:50 ship model, meanwhile allows the visitors to manipulate the rudder on the other side to follow the route of Keying and experience a sea voyage.  

”Watch” Invention Patent Ranking of Guangdong 

This motion-sensing game allows visitors to walk on a path following the chronological sequence. Patent windows flying towards visitors like meteors on screen show the annual invention patent ranking of Guangdong in China.   

Transportation Development in Modern and Contemporary Guangdong 

With large uncolored model table, model train and multi-dimensional projection, the exhibition shows the transportation development of Guangdong in 1950s, 1990s and the new century, as well as the impact of technology on transportation development. 


Address: Xiliu Lu, Guangzhou Higher Education Mega Center, Panyu district, Guangzhou, P. R. China 510006